“Tea & Qi” Dates


Tea & Qi Session – Sunday 17 October 2021 


Lee is departing from her usual Hatha Yoga classes at Bind Yoga Studio to offer a unique blended session of Qigong and tea-sharing in the traditional Chinese style.

Qigong is a form of Chinese exercise which gently stretches the body and promotes healthy circulation of Qi (energy) to improve health and overall vitality.  Qigong also stills the mind and fosters harmony between our bodies and nature so that when we share tea together, we can drink from a deeper and more connected place. 

Lee will select teas especially for the group, the time of year and in a way that respects the land, farmers and of course the tea-plant itself.  She is looking forward to sharing this very special experience with you!

We will then close the session with a relaxing guided meditation.

Levels: all welcome; no prior experience of Qigong required.

Cost: £25

Location: Bind Yoga Studio, N15

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